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Weight Watchers Propoints Food Points Calculator

Our Weight Watchers (WW) Propoints food points calculator will allow you to easily calculate and monitor food points to make your diet plans easier - for free! One of the most accurate free online WW Propoints food points calculators there is.

Total fat

Formulae found on the internet that could be used:

proPoints = (p / 10.9375) + (c / 9.2105) + (f/3.8889) + (df / 35);


proPoints = max{ round( [ (16×p) + (19×c) + (45×f) - (14×df) ] / 175 ) , 0 }



proPoints - WW proPoints
p - Protein
c - Carbohydrates
f - Fat
df - Dietary fiber


See WW on Wikipedia for more information.


Our Weight Watchers (WW) Propoints food points calculator is based on the food points system followed in UK. NOTE: This calculator is not an official one and is not in any way affiliated with WW. The formula used is found freely on the internet and, while not being the exact WW formula (since they hold the patent/s) it has been found to be the closest to the patented as possible. Please use this calculator as a guide only. To properly follow the WW program, visit their site and sign up.


WEIGHT WATCHERS and ProPoints are the registered trademarks of Weight Watchers International, Inc. Trademark used under license by Weight Watchers UK Limited and Limited.


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